Occupation demands include:

  • A massive national jobs program, and 
  • Emergency measures for the unemployed in NYC

In the spirit of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., on Monday, Jan. 16, at 1 p.m., hundreds of people — including those who have exhausted unemployment benefits, as well as students, labor and community activists — will gather in Union Square NYC to commence an Occupation for Jobs.

Participants in the Occupation, which is being organized by the “Occupy 4 Jobs Network”, are demanding a massive public jobs program modeled after the Work Projects Administration of the 1930s, large enough to provide decent paying jobs to the 30 million unemployed and underemployed.

The Occupation for Jobs will also demand that immediate emergency measures be taken to aid the exploding numbers of unemployed people in New York City, including a moratorium on evictions and utility shutoffs, the expansion of food stamps and free public transportation for unemployed people.

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