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‘can/be made to exploit human flaws like stupidity, greed, envy, etc. If we were perfect beings, pure capitalism might be a perfect system.’
You can say this about any economic or governmental system. 
‘Due to my personal value system, I feel disparity should be minimized.’
Via what means? Taxation on the rich which leads to unemployment and which is, in itself, thievery?
‘The prob is not capitalism, it’s that it is currently being abused. It needs an oil change and tire rotation.’
Couldn’t agree more! Corporatists are mixing capitalism and the state, and that is a serious abuse of capitalist ideas, and not at all ‘free market’.

Precisely, and you can also say that many pure economic systems would be “best” depending on your end goal or idea of advancement if people were perfect. Which is why I’m not entertaining ideas of what would be best or perfect IF it were pure, when it can never function in a pure state with imperfect humans.

My personal (which I should stress) opinion is that because the system cannot (that I can currently contemplate) function purely, a balanced system is needed to meet both economic and social needs. Also because humans are imperfect, perhaps every so often, it is time for a reset to clan off some built up scum. The problem is that people are so black and white and the moment a system fails due to abuse, rather than attempting to safeguard against future abuses, we fly into an anti-rage of hate against everything that failed system stands for. This thought process is obviously ridiculous and counter-productive, right? Socialism isn’t evil. Capitalism isn’t evil. They are, however, exploitable. And right now, this very moment, people need to be demanding that the corruption and exploitation be transparent and “fixes” set in place moving forward.

Being perfectly honest, I’m still not sure how to make a perfect system, I think, like science, it is a matter of trial and error. Clearly the current system has its faults. I’m trying to educate myself on potential solutions. I think this is an important point that should be made of the occupation - education and discussion. As we can see by the formation of this nation, collaboration of great minds can bring forth brilliant ideas.

Personally, at this very moment, I would propose a balance - a system with regulatory checks balanced with free market drives. Basically the system we all would like to believe America functions under. Not taxation to the point of crippling the very system, but a more fair ditribution, yes. A stop to derivatives, yes. An ethical check against trading against people’s futures, yes. The moment it becomes most profitable for people to foreclose on homes or to buy debt, there is a sustainability problem. I think better transparency and ethical conditions on trading should be employed so that loop holes and problems do not persist.

A second important reason for a People’s “discussion for solutions” moving forward is that our system and advancements are so reliant on oil. Currently it appears the system is in more of a “head in the sand, milk as much as you can while you can rush” than a sustainable plan that accounts for dwindling supply. Pretty soon it is going to cost a barrel of oil to get a barrel of oil, which economically speaking makes it useless. The current world economy functions largely on that currency. That leaves me feeling a little unsettled.