Freedom is near. The birth of the Occupy movement was both miraculous and inevitable. In the chaos of a crumbling empire, you and I found each other and discovered, to our surprise, that we were not alone in our understanding. What had always been my suffering and my awakening was now ours and we knew this immediately, implicitly. We slept in the rain and our voices rang together through the corridors of our city. Nothing had ever meant so much.

I say Occupy was inevitable because annihilation has never been the destiny of this country nor of this planet. The protestors in Tahrir Square, on Wall Street, and in front of St. Paul’s cathedral were the natural and inspired ascent of humanity’s survival instinct. However, despite our numbers and our dedication, the threats of economic collapse and environmental destruction continue to haunt the horizon. Criminality in government persists.  We stood up and spoke out but our mission is incomplete.

In the following pages, I’m going to attempt answers for two questions: how is Occupy different and how can it succeed?I am going to present a doctrine, but my aim is not to indoctrinate. Philosophy, seeking the Truth, is what led me to Occupy and this philosophy is my contribution. This is the truth about Occupy, as I see it. I present it for your consideration in the hope that you find in it something of value, something that will serve you. Though, my belief is that the application of these ideas could harness the Love and camaraderie of Occupy toward something magnificent. I should also add that regardless of the effect of my words, I am certain that with the united strength of an Occupied planet, we will avert extinction and discover Utopia


            It did not take long for the media’s denial of Occupy to be replaced by confusion. This confusion is encapsulated in the question, “What is your message and what are your demands?” We all had different answers to these questions. Elements of the corporate-controlled media treated this fact as a flaw and attempted to convince the public that this new crop of protestors were naïve and disorganized hippies. This spin hardly slowed us down, though the question became a meme among the public and within the movement. This is worth noting. The fact that the question resonates with people means there is something to it – it is not merely the concoction of the corporate media. I think a better formulation of that question is, “How is Occupy different?” Everyone senses that there is something new here and they are right.

Occupy is different because it represents the united opposition to tyranny in all its forms. All possible progressive goals – gender equality, racial equality, income equality – are united in Occupy. It is a banner that all activists can share. What unifies PETA is the shared conviction for the welfare of animals. What unifies Occupy is a shared conviction for the toppling of a tyrannical system in its entirety. This is why Occupy is different: it seeks to remove the root of injustice, rather than address isolated instances of injustice. Revolutions throughout history have brought down tyrants – but never tyranny itself.

However, with our current mindset, this ultimate revolution we seek is impossible. The truth is that tyranny is a concept and you cannot defeat a concept with action, you must defeat it with thought. You cannot move past a concept until you change your mind.

Tyranny is vanquished by the thought of Humanity. If we realize our Humanity, tyranny disappears. This begs the question, “What does it mean to be human?”

Human beings are physical and metaphysical, matter and mind. We have bodies we can see and thoughts we cannot. We have physical needs such as food, shelter, and medicine. We also have metaphysical needs like love, a sense of self, community, and education, to name but a few. Now, everyone understands that our system of government is not meeting the physical needs of the people. And this is an absurd understatement. Physical Tyranny exists anywhere humans are forced to fight for survival and anywhere they are destroyed. We see deprivation and destruction everywhere. We blame this on the individual tyrants – the corporate executive and the corrupt politician. It is true that individual humans are responsible for their actions. However, the single tyrant is not responsible for the whole of tyranny. What we fail to realize is that the many individuals who maintain and profit from this system of injustice, all of them, suffer with us under a tyranny greater than their own and more destructive than any war they may seek to wage. Humanity, 100% of it, is plagued by Metaphysical Tyranny.

Far surpassing the brutality and wide-sweeping vision of any human tyrant is the Metaphysical Tyrant: Doubt. Doubt is “the state of uncertainty with regard to the truth or reality of anything,” (Oxford English Dictionary). The media landscape is so convoluted and our educational institutions so dysfunctional, that Doubt exists at the center of our lives. It occupies the place in our consciousness meant for Truth. Instead of filtering our experience through our understanding of Truth, thereby gaining knowledge, we filter experience through Doubt, and gain only facts and uncertainty. Furthermore, when you have doubt concerning a metaphysical need, then it is impossible that that need is being met. To meet a metaphysical need is to know that it is met. When we fall in Love and suddenly a void within us is filled with light, we have moved from Doubt as to the reality of Love to certainty. When that Love comes into Doubt, we suffer. In our state of Metaphysical Tyranny, Doubt reigns supreme over our most important thoughts. Even when we glimpse our life’s purpose, our true Love, or our God, Doubt shuts are eyes and turns us away.

When your Humanity is in Doubt, when you do not identify as a human but solely as a man, woman, dictator, or anything else, then you are capable of inhumane, even horrific, action. If the police officer, as he raises his night stick to strike a protestor, were to be freed of Doubt and suddenly, fully appreciate the Truth that he and the protestor are both Human, the protestor would be unharmed. Similarly, if Barack Obama were to preface all of his action with full consciousness of his Humanity, he might be a very different president. But most importantly, if each of us were to remember, at all times, that we are Human, then ruthless competition would give way to joyful cooperation. We know this from Occupy.

Metaphysical Tyranny (Doubt) is the necessary condition for Physical Tyranny (Institutionalized Inequality). Confusion of fundamental truths is the cause for the chaos in our politics, in our economics, and in our personal lives. The tyrannical individuals who own and operate the control system understand this. A brief investigation of the Think Tank network of the elite will show you how Humanity’s Doubt has been systematically reinforced for decades in order to stave off Revolution. However, organizations like the Tavistock Institute, the Rand Corporation, and the Rockefeller Foundation did not invent metaphysical Doubt, they merely exploit it. It is absolutely essential to remember that flawed thinking is our only enemy – we have no enemies among our fellow Humans. Rahm Emmanuel is a human, and if he identified as a human, rather than as a king, he would not engage in oppression. We are all equally guilty of falling prey to Doubt.

Knowing the nature of Doubt is the key to Occupy’s success. An old paradigm is falling and a new one is emerging. Occupy is on the cusp of this emergence. For Occupy to be truly effective, Occupiers need to let go of the language of the old paradigm. And that language is duality. Us vs. Them. With a message of dualism (99% vs. 1%), our energy and our usefulness are cut in half. The concept of 99% contains all that is good in Occupy. The concept of the 1% contains all that is old in Occupy, that which must change. We are loving towards the 99% and hateful towards the 1%. We chant, “Feed the Poor, Tax the Rich,” and the implication is that we don’t care whether the rich are fed. You might say, “They can feed themselves.” And this is true, except this is also exactly what they say about you.

Occupy does not need to incite anger against the criminal factions of our society, that is accomplished by the crimes themselves. The anger in Occupy, which is both natural and useful, could be channeled into a campaign for independent audits of our elected and non-elected government officials, as well as an audit of all variety of financial institutions. This could then become the campaign for the indictment of criminals. When we paint with such a wide brush, decent humans in the business, financial, and government sectors are potentially alienated and thus remain silent. This is a tremendous loss, for these are the very people who must carry out essential reform.

A new paradigm requires a new language. And in place of duality, we have unity. We are united as a race of Humans. I’d like to complete the definition of Human: Humans are creatures of the Earth with bodies and minds. Our bodies have needs, our minds have needs, and the Earth has needs. To be Human is to fully appreciate this. To be humane or to exhibit humanity means to champion the equal satisfaction of the needs of all humans and the planet on which we live.

What is our message? What are our demands? We are all human beings living on one planet, and our needs and the needs of the planet must be met.

Furthermore, we can elaborate our needs as both physical and metaphysical. Here I would propose a new metaphysical need: freedom. Freedom from indoctrination, so that we may prevent the return of crippling Doubt and assure that each human being is free to pursue happiness in health of body and mind. This message of Humanity is unified and positive. It completely disregards the hopelessly confused current political discourse of our time. In our thoughts and our actions, we can champion Humanity, the Earth, and all life on Earth. Never before has a revolutionary movement included all living beings among its ranks.

Our efforts up until this point have gotten the world’s attention. We currently live in a wasteland, a Desert of Doubt. If Occupy becomes a fountain of the Truth of our shared Humanity, our possibilities are limitless. We can make this a reality by holding onto that connection we made last fall – that Occupiers around the world continue to make – when we discovered each other’s Humanity and thus discovered a new world. Because that’s how it feels when you know Humanity – that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

-Chicago Occupier

March 6, 2012

Footage and stills of a young Egyptian woman being beaten to the ground, kicked and stamped on as her hijab was torn off in Tahrir Square on December 17th.  Moments before this video was captured, she had been struck countless times on the head and body with metal batons by a ten-strong military police mob before losing consciousness and slumping to the floor. Unable to escape, she was captured and beat again.  "A few brave protesters came in and started hurling stones and that was the one thing that saved her from their hands," said Hassan Mahmoud, who witnessed the incident. 

14 protesters have been killed in the last 4 days.



We are in the midst of a decisive battle in the face of a potentially terminal crackdown. Over the past 72 hours the army has launched a ceaseless assault on revolutionaries in Tahrir Square and squares across Egypt. Over 2000 of us have been injured. More than 30 of us have been murdered. Just in Cairo alone. In the last 48 hours.

But the revolutionaries keep coming. Hundreds of thousands are in Tahrir and in other squares across the country. We are facing  down their gas, cudgels, shotguns and machine-gun fire. The army and police attack again and again, but we are holding the lines, holding them back. The dead and wounded are carried away on foot or motorbikes and others take their place.

The violence will escalate – for WE WILL NOT MOVE. The junta does not want to give up its power. We want the junta gone.

The future of the revolution hangs in the balance; those of us in the square are ready to die for freedom and social justice. The butchers attacking us are willing to kill us to stay in control.

This is not about elections or a constitution, neither of which will change the authoritarianism and violence coming down around us. Neither is this is about a so-called “transition” to democracy that has seen the consolidation of a military junta and the betrayal of the revolution by political forces. This is about a revolution, a complete revolution. The people demand the fall of the regime, and will stop at nothing short of that to achieve their freedom.

Foreign governments are paying lip-service to ‘human rights’ while they deal with the junta, shaking hands and legitimizing them with empty rhetoric. The US is still sending $1.2 billion in military aid to the Egyptian military. The army and police rely on tear gas, bullets and weapons from abroad. No doubt their stock has been replenished by US and other governments over the last nine months. Stock will run low again.

We ask you to take action:

  • Occupy / shut-down Egyptian embassies worldwide. Now they represent the junta ; reclaim them for the Egyptian people.
  • Shut down the arms dealers. Do not let them make it, ship it.
  • Shut down the part of your government dealing with the Egyptian junta.

The revolution continues, because we have no other choice.

From Tahrir Square / 22 November / 14:00

Mosireen, Comrades from Cairo, Defend the Revolution


  • photograph of US-Made tear gas canisters, featuring the address of the manufacturer, Combined Tactical Systems, in Jamestown, Pennsylvania
  • Video of Egyptian army soldiers dumping the bodies of the murdered into trash piles

Please email with details, so we can share them here in Tahrir



As they vowed earlier this week to do, Egyptian pro-democracy protesters marched from Tahrir square to the U.S. Embassy today to march in support of Occupy Oakland—and against police brutality witnessed in Oakland on Tuesday night, and commonly experienced in Egypt.”

Transnational movements, for the win!