Please join us in urging Barack Obama to investigate the Wall Street banks.

Wall Street banks continue to profit from the brutal housing crisis that has displaced an estimated 7 million American families from their homes. After receiving a massive taxpayer bailout, these same banks continue business as usual, with the public paying a heavy price for Wall Street’s corruption and greed. Accountability is long overdue.

One way you can help take action:

1. Sign the petition from ColorOfChange
Sign ColorOfChange’s petition to push for a full investigation, compensation to homeowners, and real accountability for those responsible.

2.  Submit your photo.
Make or print an investigation sign, take a photo of yourself (and all of your friends) at your local bank, and  submit it to our blog.

3.  Spread the word!
Reblog your photos once we post them and invite your friends to do the same! 

Still wondering why you should join us in calling on President Obama to investigate the banks? See the evidence.

Submitted by: investigatethebanks

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