I don’t want to vote…

and that doesn’t mean I should shut up. It means I refuse to participate in a rigged game. That means that I refuse to fall for the illusion of choice and stay silent and hopeful that some fallible, corruptible human will step into a position of power and remain faithful to his promises. I refuse to muddle my brain with campaign rhetoric and disappointing lies. 

I know I am not alone. Try as they might to shame us into voting in their rigged game to feel like we are accomplishing anything, Obama proved to me once and for all that anyone who gets into power under our current regime is a puppet. Otherwise…why would they have ever been allowed to be in power? 

So I ask you, come election time, what will we do instead? What action can we take that actually represents our voices? When 70-80% of voters nation-wide continue to poll in disfavor of the very actions our “representative” government continues to fight to impose? Let’s start brainstorming, because as we have seen in past populist movements, our cries and grievances will not be addressed by our current government, plain and simple. They might make us bold-face promises, but they will never represent us. Before another elitist sham ruler swaggers across a stage, I want to see the system overturned and put back in the hands of the people.

So let’s brainstorm, how can we do it? Take this topic to social networks, forums, chats, email groups, the water cooler, school lunch. More people than we realize feel this way, but are too afraid and shamed by manipulative media to speak out. But it’s time to speak. What are your ideas?

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