Upcoming Occupy Portland Events

Dec 17: Immigrants Rights March
Dec 18: Hark the 99%ers Sing! 
           Convention to help draft the Declaration of Occupy Portland
Dec 19: Tis’ the season for letter writing!
Dec 22: Winter Solstice Interfaith Occupiers’ Peace-In

Occupy Portland
 is in the early stages of planning a cross-Oregon Occupy demonstration at the Oregon State Capitol in 2012. The plan is to coordinate with the start of the legislative session, in which we will be pushing for a resolution to end corporate personhood.

This Saturday marks the International Day of the Migrant and we’ll be having an Immigrants March against the racist laws, policies and institutions that are systematically targeting immigrant communities, such as Secure CommunitiesE-verifywage theft,free trade agreements and increased detentions and deportations. In the same vein, we ask you to sign this petition to stop the Dec 16 deoprtation of Gustavo, a 19 year-old who has been living in Oregon since he was 7.

With the festive season coming up we have a number of apt events, from political caroling and letter writing drives to an interfaith gathering and a children’s food drive and rally.

So as the holiday season begins we encourage you to make presents instead of buy them, and if you must, buy local. As you celebrate with friends and family, start a conversation about what you’d like to see different in the world, then join us to help change it. 

Inside Occupy

We have indoor space! Committees will begin setting up the Occupy Portland headquarters inside the St. Francis church on Dec 19 and it will soon after be fully operational, including breakout rooms and spaces to conduct our assemblies.

We are supporting students to team up with committees and build their own Occupy Portland Internships. If you’re interested in starting a conversation about how you could Occupy your eduction, take two minutes to fill out the form at http://goo.gl/J3r7H

On December 14, Occupy Portland helped organize around 50 volunteers to rake the leaves in Chapman and Lownsdale squares, which will reportedly soon be open to the public.


Is your organization, school or company curious about occupy? Contact us to schedule a panel presentation

Attend or host an occupy event in your home or neighborhood

Print out the ‘i am the 99%’lawn sign. Display it at your home and hand them out to your neighbors

Got an idea for an action or event? Run with it. We’re here to support you.

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