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12:16 shit ton of cops pouring out of city hall

12:17 first altercation when a photog wouldnt move. he has like 11 cops on him

12:21 in park reports of arrests. 1300 cops. cops in hazmat suits. It looked like several hundred cops came out of city hall a few minutes ago. that 12:17 altercations is all the news has shown so far

12:24 OakFoSho just had a cop point a rubber bullet gun at him with his finger on the trigger. Got badge number and name

12:28 i just heard an loudspeaker saying it is an unlawful assembly and must be vacated

12:30 official 10 minute warning was given 2 minutes ago. that must have been what i heard

12:31 lots of laughter as someone yells out “is this about the grass”

12:32 oakfosho is being told to turn off his light. not backing down

12:33 lots of “10 minute and counting” type warnings

12:34 8 minutes and counting

12:35 Mic Check: the people of California do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies that serve them.

12:36 Mic Check: reading the first amendment.

12:38 Cops are telling people to grab their stuff and go

12:40 sound truck telling people to go. unlawful asssembly, etc. etc.

12:41 cops arent giving a countdown or anything with the time. best estimate is that the have 2 or 3 minutes left

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