Both Occupy L.A. and Occupy Philadelphia are Currently Being Raided

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Occupy L.A. - Watch Live:

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Los Angeles Times Coverage

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Los Angeles Times:

The LAPD has closed off an area from Temple Street on the north to 3rd Street on the south and Alameda Street on the east and Broadway on the west.

An LAPD helicopter announced the commencement of the department’s action, swooping down low and incessantly circling the City Hall steps on which hundreds of protesters had gathered. It flooded the camp with light from its high-powered search light and the din from its propellers threatened to drown out a chant of “occupy LA, all day, all night!” by the protesters.

Occupy L.A.: Photos | 360° photos | Video | Webcam

Someone then launched fireworks over the camp.

Officials also issued a citywide tactical alert.  Los Angeles police have not said when they will evict the protesters. An LAPD email alert said the tactical alert was “due to unusual occurrence in downtown L.A.” The LAPD was beginning to put up traffic barriers along streets around City Hall.

Several people reported seeing large numbers of police cars driving into Dodger Stadium, where officers were apparently gathering.

At a meeting of demonstrators Tuesday evening, organizers said that it was “very probable” that some kind of raid will occur Tuesday. They did not reveal the source of the information.  An excited man ran through the camp screaming “the cops are coming from the northeast side! The cops are coming!” His Paul Revere-like sprint set the camp ablaze with nervous talking.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said he decided that it was time to evict Occupy L.A. protesters from the City Hall lawn after learning that there were children staying there.

Occupy Philly - Watch Live:

ABC Local News Coverage

Occupy Philadelphia Live Stream

Police have begun to gather at Center City’s Dilworth Plaza, where Occupy Philadelphia protesters have been encamped for two months.

The police activity comes three days after an eviction deadline set by Mayor and 1976 Wharton graduate Michael Nutter. Nutter had requested that Occupiers leave the plaza by 5 p.m. Sunday to allow a construction project to begin; however, many protesters ignored the deadline and no one was arrested.

At about 1 a.m. police at the scene offered free transportation and no arrests for those who wish to leave the site, according to tweets from local media outlets. At 1:09, a third and final warning was given to the protesters.

 Occupy Philly protesters begin march after police order them to vacate tent encampment.

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