District of Columbia authorities say a car drove through a crowd near an Occupy D.C. protest and struck three people.

D.C. Fire Department spokesman Lon Walls said Saturday morning that the three were transported to two area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. He said none was in critical condition but that some injuries were “fairly serious.”

Hundreds of protesters affiliated with Occupy D.C. shut down streets Friday near the city’s convention center in downtown Washington, where a conservative group was holding a gathering.

Fox 5 reported that the vehicle struck two people, kept driving, and then struck a third person. Police said the accident victims were all conscious.

D.C. Council member Tommy Wells tweeted that the driver was “stopped further up and in custody.” He added that police would be checking his blood alcohol content.

One protester, 29-year-old Jesse Folks of Riverdale, Md., told The Washington Post that he was standing in the street with other demonstrators near the convention center when the car “just gassed it into a bunch of people.”

"We were in the street, but this guy didn’t even give us a chance to get out of the way," Folks said.

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