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Well, I feel you. I think it’s more so of what YOU want to do. Not the people. Does it make sense to you anymore?? You have to decide. #LOVE

Normally, I would agree. However, I did start this blog as an information sharing device related to Occupy. I actively sought followers under the Occupy moniker (not for power, attention, or acclaim but to reach more people). Thus, I do feel an obligation to serve those people. I have a personal tumblr for personal expression (though it does not often veer into the political realm). I am choosing to keep this blog running because there were a number of people who felt it provided them with information or perspective or encouragement. Ideally I would like to continue to provide a viable service in that area, but I was unsure how to handle the Occupy branding moving forward. Hopefully that made sense, lol. 

Status Update. Have any input?

I am still not entirely sure where I personally stand on things (my mind is too complicated a mess to attempt to explain). However, given the number of encouraging messages from people, I know that this blog still serves a beneficial purpose (if nothing else for my own personal self-expression).

I am not rejecting Occupy - not the Occupy of my ideals in any case. However, until I can make sense of where I stand or what purpose Occupy currently serves, I cannot in good conscience continue to promote it. Again, this is not a rejection of everything Occupy did and was meant to and might still stand for. 

I am going to continue to post in the spirit of what Occupy stood for (from my perspective). Until I can better assess where Occupy currently stands, I will no longer be endorsing or promoting specific updates on Occupy events. However, if people would like, once per week I can make a post that summarizes Occupy news for that week and any upcoming events. Please respond with your opinion on this if you have one.

Additionally, I was considering changing my name. I’ve grown fond of the name and it was one I created on day two of the OWS occupation, so it makes me sad to see it go. That said, I also do not wish to color or associate the content of this blog with anything that is growing in disfavor. So I’m asking you, should I change the name? If so, any suggestions? Content will remain relatively the same but will have less Occupy branding and ideally I would like to be a bit less negative, less enemy-seeking, but still educational. Kind of hard to do when it comes to world news, isn’t it? :S

In sum:

1. Do you still want Occupy news/events updates in the format of one post per week (if there is sufficient news)?

2. Should I change my tumblr name and, if so, what would you suggest?

spacemanmick asked:

Are you giving up on revolutionary struggle in general or just occupy?

I am not sure where I stand on that issue. I need to do more soul searching. I will never give up on my eternal struggle for self- improvement and actualization and living by example. However, I have not decided how I wish to proceed in terms of exerting my views, principles, etc. onto others, my country, my world. I am not entirely sure what my function as an individual is in the grander scheme of things. 

This is my struggle - I am not entirely sure how I view life, life’s purpose, meaning, etc. on a more spiritual level.  I know this is where I will lose most people. I alternate between feeling that life is simply cause and effect, evolution, chance, efficiency, etc. In this case, I feel there is more responsibility on people to try to guide the course of human evolution towards a less parasitic, more symbiotic relationship with the earth.  As an analogy, say you have a school of fish caught in a net. Some will settle at the bottom, come what may. Others will flounder around in confusion. And some see a way out to freedom and push, push, push pulling the entire school, encouraging their participation until the weight of the fish break free from the net.  If I view our struggle as a species in such a way, then I can make sense of the constant railing against a seemingly impossible to break wall. 

BUT…then I also ponder the possibility that we are here to learn.  If there is some deeper meaning to life as we know it. I consider other dimensions and is our experience here meant to be a learning experience. We are meant to have trials and tribulations because we learn through those experiences. We must learn to let go of our egos. In this life view, my purpose is more to develop self, to learn to let go of ego, to learn to deal with the unfairness and injustice of life and find happiness in life’s virtues.  In this case, my “activism” is simply to live my life the best way I know how, to live by example, to love to the fullest, to harm the earth the least, and if someone wants to listen, to share any wisdom I may have gained in the process.  It would not involve railing against government or corporate systems of control. 

In conclusion…I don’t know how the hell to feel about it right now ;) Part of my personal journey is to figure that out for myself. So saying I was giving up was an over expressive emo moment, lol. In reality, I am not giving up, I am pausing for clarity and direction.

Anonymous asked:

that's why i don't really reblog posts with my opinions, because i don't want to accidentally offend people. it's hard because even if you try someone, somewhere will be offended by what you have to say.
i'm glad that there are blogs like yours on here, with people who feel the same as i do.


Whenever I have expressed similar thoughts, I have always been told, eh who cares what they think!? 

My answer is always, I do. ;)

I tell myself to approach criticisms or unexpected reactions as learning experiences (either about myself or about others) and try not to get too personally/emotionally wounded (this last part is the hard part). 

Anonymous asked:

do you ever feel that with discussions like the one you're having now that the weight of the world is on your shoulders? i don't know if i should feel like that but i do. the world has so many problems that need fixing..

I often feel it is more than I can practically handle. I often feel I must walk on egg shells. I like to be mindful of others and it is hard to express personal opinions on a global issue without being ignorant in some way, offending in some way, etc. 

As for the amount of problems in the world…if I allow myself to think of it, I feel immobilized with frustration, dread, sadness, hopelessness.  But what makes me happy is finding solidarity…in people like you.




Not a sentiment I am proud of, but one that is my reality. I’ve been struggling for some time with the idea of seeking change in a world where I often feel so powerless and helpless. I’m surrounded by maddening and disheartening injustice that I am helpless to change. I am…

“And I can tell you this much - that isn’t a problem of Occupy. That is a problem of humanity.”

I actually stopped reading there. 

OWS failed and has been failing SINCE DAY 1 not because humanity is imperfect but because the movement claimed to be something it NEVER was. It claimed to be David taking on Goliath, it claimed to fight injustice and stand for the oppressed, which it never did. Despite claims that the movement is headless, it was and still is  unofficially led by cis white middle-class men, these are the people who started the first protests. All the attempts to GENUINELY take into consideration the plight of PoC, women, and queers were either ignored or abruptly shut down. We told you time and time again, yet you refuse to listen, you were only interested in unity in YOUR terms. Without unity, OWS is doomed to failure

Let me rephrase. That isn’t a problem specific to Occupy. I would ask you what the social movement groups you do support have done for the oppressed in China, India, tribes in Central and South America? I ask that not to question your integrity or willingness to help those who are oppressed, but to illustrate that there will always be a group that goes ignored (which is NOT to say that is okay). The reason for this goes beyond Occupy. I feel this is a problem with humanity. It is our myopic, self-serving nature as a species. We serve and stand by the issues we identify with. 

Would you really have wanted Occupy to speak for PoC? For the most part I have found that it has been an unwelcome intrusion. Black people specifically make up a small % of the US American 99%, so by definition, if Occupy was to represent the 99%, black people would be out numbered and buried in the voices. Hence the problem of living as a minority here in the states and in many countries. Those in the minority feel they continually go unheard, largely due to prejudice and also largely due to statistical reality of being a minority (fewer voices are harder to hear). So how do you get heard? By asking other PoC and whites to stand beside you. On issues specific to black people, white people should take a back seat. Those in the majority have no right to champion the causes of those in the minority. Granted, many who do are not doing so to control poC or overpower PoC - their motives are often well-meaning, but unwelcomed or misplaced. 

But what of economic inequality and other issues that affect and oppress all colors of people (which is what Occupy was all about)? What would you have Occupy do? What is the proper way for white activists to approach social and economic issues that affect them as well as PoC? This is a genuine question and I am genuinely listening. 

 ”We told you time and time again, yet you refuse to listen, you were only interested in unity in YOUR terms.”

Because I write under the name Occupy, you presume I am all of those things. In fact, I am a mixed-race, queer, disabled, lower class female. 

Occupy was an idea. An idea “co-opted” by people who make a life out of activism. Many of whom being more concerned with arguing over proper terminologies and going by the book of Marxist ideology than about truly understanding what it means to be oppressed and helping those who are. The real 99% are your average citizens (yes some of them white who are poor, dumb, scared and/or oppressed), all people who feel trapped and scared and tired. The thousands of people who went to the street in NYC and Oakland, those are your Occupiers, that is what this was really about, who it was about. It was Occupy the Hood, it was Occupy Homes, it was Occupy Banks, it is not and will never be (unless we redefine it to be) just a bunch of cis white male pretentious elitist racists arguing over proper use of the term “liberal”. I am not Occupy, no one person or one group is Occupy. Therefore the actions of some are not the actions of all. I have never once disregarded the opinions of PoC or other minorities, nor do I accept anyone who does and claims to speak for Occupy.

I’m not defending Occupy. “Occupy” doesn’t matter. Call it whatever you want, I don’t care about brand name and frankly no one should. Prior to Occupy, I have never affiliated myself with any group or movement. For me, Occupy served as an umbrella that heretofore happened to encompass many social issues I supported and changes I wished to see happen. I still support those issues and those are still the changes I wish to see happen. Nothing has changed. All that has changed is the perception of what Occupy stands for or failed to accomplish or failed to represent. 

Do we take Occupy back and define it by our terms, by the terms we all believed Occupy to originally stand for or do we toss it aside and go back to square one? What is the most productive way forward?

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It’s both simultaneously at the same time..both about self-enlightenment and about working for a better world. Alas, in doing it, one will step on toes and see anger. Human nature in play. One does what one can.

I think the thing I am struggling with is, how do we work to build a better world? How does one decide whose toes are okay to step on and whose are not? I’ve noticed there is a fairly severe lack of understanding of human psychology in most current activism. I’ve discovered people are more often interested in promoting their brand cause than actually making the world a better place. More motive is put into the force of a message than the quality. People act out of anger - because they are frustrated and angry at injustice.  They want apathetic people to start caring (for their cause), but when apathetic people start to care, they are often rejected for being late to the party bandwaggoners. We want ignorant people to become enlightened and educated to issues, but no one actually seems to want to appeal to or reach out to others (people are more content to lambaste them for being ignorant, which does very little to educate people).

I guess my question is, how do we build a better world? A better world for whom? Everyone? How, when everyone refuses to work together? We fight for a cause that steps on the toes of another cause, then we bicker over who is wrong, we denounce an entire philosophy because it is attached to a movement that stepped on someone’s toes. When those of us who are working to build a better world are unable to cooperate or harmonize or act with respect for others, what right do we have to work towards building a world that everyone must live in? 

I’m not trying to be difficult. I understand the need for change, I want to see change, I want to work for something better…I just don’t know how. The only way I know how to make my world better and to be a better person in this world, is to make myself a better person. 




Not a sentiment I am proud of, but one that is my reality. I’ve been struggling for some time with the idea of seeking change in a world where I often feel so powerless and helpless. I’m surrounded by maddening and disheartening injustice that I am helpless to change. I am forced to be aware of…

I respect you. You are so right, if each individual was at peace and happy, everyone as a whole would be a lot more harmonious. You can’t force ideas upon others that you don’t yourself understand and have. The change starts within yourself. Maybe we don’t need a power change, we need a people change. People need to themselves be willing to change in order to promote change in the world. Maybe it is hopeless, to try and change something composed of people who are unwilling to change and listen. Perhaps people are simply using Occupy as an excuse to blame their misery on somebody else, not wanting to face the facts that they are infact in control of themselves. Maybe they just don’t want to take responsibility for themselves, so they find it easier to blame it on a common villain.

This definitely changes my whole perspective.

I agree with all of the above. Very well said, thank you! I think you were saying this, but to reiterate… I do think a lot of the misery in this world can be attributed to certain power structures. In an ideal world, those structures would not exist. BUT, most of us are powerless to change it and we all have varying ideas on how it should be changed or what would be a better world (i.e., even if we succeed in over-throwing one power-structure, in all likelihood, it will be simply another power-structure that takes its place regardless of the banner it claims to fly under or message it originally had). Thus, the only thing each individual is solely and entirely in control of is perspective (even when pushed down, finding hope), self-education, and self-created happiness (happiness born from understanding self not from exerting one’s will unto others or attaining material possessions, status or acclaim). 

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do you want to build a commune where we can all get away from this?

Yes, yes I do. Though I then fear interpersonal politics because it always seems there is at least one strong personality that isn’t willing to compromise and harmonize. Even if you form a group who isn’t like that, those people have children, lol. 

My grandfather apparently had some undeveloped land in the mountains of Colorado. I am thinking of taking my girlfriend and our two dogs, building a tiny tumbleweed house or a yurt and becoming a hermit. Sigh…I wish it were that easy, lol.

I give up

Not a sentiment I am proud of, but one that is my reality. I’ve been struggling for some time with the idea of seeking change in a world where I often feel so powerless and helpless. I’m surrounded by maddening and disheartening injustice that I am helpless to change. I am forced to be aware of it, but powerless to do anything about it but spread awareness (so that others may similarly suffer, because god forbid we ever actually unite and perform truly impacting/beneficial actions as a human race). Moreover, I can’t trust anyone. There is always someone out there trying to co-opt or bandwagon or who fails to truly get it, but likes to feel helpful and spreads a bastardized version of the message like a crappy game of telephone. 

Or worse, I ignorantly open my mouth to support something I see as an injustice, only to find out that my sentimentality has been manipulated or that my concern/empathy/help is frankly unwelcomed.

You can be damned for not understanding, damned for attempting to understand, damned for not knowing everything, damned for not standing up in support, damned for standing up in support.  Basically, you are damned because we live in a world full of damned people.

The people we envy are usually miserable. The people we pity are usually miserable. The only happiness we have are those who understand us (and wish to continue to understand us) and our simple hobbies and passions. 

I thought I’d encountered a movement that was all-encompassing, that might have the potential to be far reaching and inspiring and, therefore, effective. I thought I’d met people who were empathy-driven, humanity-driven, fairness-driven.

I am more than willing to admit my ignorance in certain areas. There are a million life experiences I will never know or encounter. But I approach life with a constant yearning to understand and a willingness and openness to understand from another’s point of view. Point out my failings and ignorance, and after a moment of shameful embarrassment, I am eager to learn and change. I want to be the best person I can be, and I am willing to admit that I am not currently the best person I can be. I am imperfect. Every day I fight against my baser instincts and ideas indoctrinated in me by an ignorant society. I thought I had tapped into a group of people that felt the same. I felt less alone. I felt hope. I thought, if people like us could come together and brainstorm for a better future, a future that was not dependent upon existing power structures, maybe the future of humanity wasn’t so bleak. But I can see now that that was a naive dream.

Because as I observed those who claimed to hold certain principles and values, I found belligerence, pettiness, othering, pride, pretense, elitism, smugness, vindictiveness. I feel no more willing to support such people than I am willing to support the smug elitism of self-serving power-seekers, or liars, cheats, and swindlers, or warmongers, or ignorant sheep, or those who are driven by hate.  Sure, we can argue over degrees of terrible, but at the end of the day, it is still a terrible way to be and not something I wish to endorse or subject myself to.

And I can tell you this much - that isn’t a problem of Occupy. That is a problem of humanity.  One group of fallible, ignorant humans who think they know what is right fighting against another group of fallible, ignorant humans who think they know what is right.  

No movement will ever succeed on a grand scale until people can learn how to stop fighting, how to stop forcing their will upon others. We shun and reject our own well-meaning allies when they stumble. We toss the ignorant to the wolves instead of educating the willing. We care more about being right and bitter than virtuous. We follow banners and brands rather than principles and ideas.  

Perhaps if everyone just paused, lay down their arms, and stopped trying to yell and exert their will upon others for just a moment, for one split second we would know what harmony truly is. 

So I realized, is life, on a deeper philosophical level, about changing others, about yelling loud enough that others will feel compelled to act in the direction you wish for them to? Or is life about finding your own enlightenment (true enlightenment, not some pride-driven attainment of righteousness) and finding your own happiness in a way that is most symbiotic and sustainable? For that is truly all I have discovered I have power over. This is one parasite who no longer wishes to play the game. Stomp on me, walk over me, leave me behind. Frankly, I no longer care. 

theveganarchist replied to your post: This is footage of a very Inspirational speech during the #MillionHoodies March for #TrayvonMartin on #M21

Have you read this?… The issue of co-opting needs to be addressed.

I had nothing to do with the current OWS protesters in New York and their unwelcomed intrusion into the Million Hoodies March. However, I very much support getting justice for Trayvon Martin. I posted this in hopes it would draw more attention to that issue, not to Occupy. I was unaware at the time I put that in my queue that OWS members had crossed a line and offended many people on this issue.